The Value Of Using A Lighting Showroom

by HFM Team on April 15, 2016

In today’s hectic online world, consumers now have the ability to shop for items in their home 24/7.  The choices are endless, the prices are extremely competitive, and shipping is often times free.  So why would anyone want to shop in person for their lighting, or anything else for that matter?  Here are some compelling reasons why you should strongly consider using the services of a dedicated lighting showroom for your individual lighting needs.

First of all, a lighting showroom allows you to see and touch the product yourself.  Sometimes information presented online is difficult to interpret, for example, the exact shade of an actual finish or the overall scope of the product’s size.  It is extremely common for someone to order something online, only to discover once it arrives that it is nothing at all as they had envisioned.  If you choose to use a dedicated lighting showroom, you are able to see the exact product or a similar product first-hand, which helps you determine its overall craftsmanship, general quality, size and color.  If the product is not available on the showroom floor, paper catalogs are available that may offer a broader perspective than what is offered on a computer or mobile device screen.  It is particularly useful to view lamps and lampshades in person since shade fabric often determines the amount of useful light that is emitted. The same is also true for any lighting source since light output is generally the primary reason for purchasing a light fixture in the first place.

Secondly, a lighting showroom offers you the expert service and advice of a lighting designer, who will walk you through an entire selection process which involves many important factors such as size, finish, suitability for the required space, light output, and energy efficiency.  They are also willing to share their knowledge on industry best practices based on their experience.  Most consumers are not familiar with lighting requirements and often end up with products that do not provide adequate lighting or are not the proper scale for their room.  The services of a lighting designer are generally included in the price of the products purchased and will end up saving a consumer from making costly mistakes, in addition to establishing a trusted relationship for future needs.

Finally, a lighting showroom offers customized personal service. If you need to return an item or a product that has been damaged during shipment, the showroom serves as a liaison between you and the manufacturer and they are able to help resolve any issues in a timely manner.  If minor repair is required, there is generally someone on staff who can fix the problem for you in-house.  The service offered by a lighting showroom is very personal because each customer is a unique individual with specific needs for decorating their home or office.

So why would someone not want to use the services of a lighting showroom?  Generally, the reason comes back to price.  Businesses with little overhead can typically offer their products at a lower price point, and this is very appealing to the most price-conscious shoppers.  These same businesses are generally open 24 hours online which allows for shopping to be squeezed into an already hectic lifestyle.  Yet, the additional services and benefits that a dedicated lighting showroom offers are truly invaluable and in the end are definitely cost effective.  And most lighting showrooms offer special sales, discounts and in-store promotions for their customers in addition to an online feature that is easily accessible at the customer’s convenience.

So the next time you have a lighting project for your home or office, visit The Light Pace, Hickory Furniture Mart’s full service dedicated lighting showroom, located on Level 3 at the North entrance.  You will also be able to find lighting fixtures and accessories throughout many of the other galleries, showrooms and outlets inside Hickory Furniture Mart.  Visit us today or online anytime at

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