Decorating a Sunroom

by HFM Team on July 13, 2011

Love to curl up with a good book and feel the sun on your face? Bring some serenity into your home by decorating a sunroom.

Because this room has a lot of natural light, you can focus most of your attention on finding the perfect furniture and decorative accessories. Don’t forget about the evening hours, though – be sure to have plenty of lighting for when the sun goes down. Ceiling light fans can serve a dual purpose: they’ll cool you off when the room gets warm during the day and will light up the room at night.

When deciding which furniture to purchase, consider what you plan to use your sunroom for – do you want it to be a family or sitting room? A home office? Make sure your furniture is appropriate for how you want to use your sunroom.

Wicker or rattan furniture is a popular choice for decorating a sunroom. Tables, loveseats, couches and chairs are all available in this style, and you can purchase colored cushions to complement the room. White or summery colors such as yellow and lime can help brighten the room. If you don’t like the look of wicker furniture, try getting a white couch or loveseat instead and adding a splash of color with some bright throw pillows.

Sunrooms naturally have a lot of windows, so arrange your furniture so you can see the view and still have plenty of open space – it’ll improve the aesthetics and add to the naturalness of the room. Bring some potted plants into the room if you have the space. They’ll have plenty of sunlight and will add a little more green into your home.

Lastly, make sure your sunroom isn’t messy – lots of clutter will distract you from the focal points and openness of the room. Incorporate unique accessories such as baskets and decorative boxes to keep it clutter-free and well-organized. They can also act as accent points throughout the room, especially if they’re colorful.

While some people may use their sunrooms as extra storage, transform yours into a natural space for relaxation.

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