North Carolina Furniture: Leather Furniture Trend

by HFM Team on December 26, 2010

Once relegated to the space that got the most use, leather furnishings are must-haves for any room in your home.   This old favorite has taken on a new personality and is plentiful in the North Carolina Furniture Showrooms.

Imprinted hides to resemble exotic skins are currently one of the hottest trends.  Ostrich skin, crocodile, and snake are just some of the patterns being found on leather.  The rich pattern transforms an ordinary piece such as an ottoman into a stunning focal point.  Geometric shapes, basketweave, paisley and even floral are showing up.  Your choices are unlimited with all of the options.

North Carolina Furniture Showroom Leather Furniture

Showroom: Hickory Park Furniture Galleries -- Manufacturer: Classic Leather -- Collection: Edwards

Unusual color techniques are also changing the way we look at leather. No color is off limits, from vivid oranges and yellows to regal purples, rich toned reds, and metallic sheens. Rubbed finishes with hints of gold or silver accentuate a patterned surface.

Leaving the hair on the hide is another trend in leather that adds another dimension.  The hair can be dyed a multitude of colors, or be patterned to resemble zebra, leopard, or left in its natural state.  The hair is typically course and short, yet very durable.

With leather now being as versatile as a fabric, you’ll want to include it in every room of the house.  Headboards, cabinet panels, and table surfaces are being covered in this durable material, creating a nice mix with wood.  Combine leather with fabric on an upholstered piece for more interest.  Leather is just as stunning in a formal room when mixed with fine silks and shiny surfaces.

When you visit Hickory Furniture Mart, you’ll see a plethora of examples of the new ways to use leather every day.  From the softest suedes to the rich pebbly grains, you’ll be amazed at its versatility and easy care.  The North Carolina Furniture Outlets will help you find the perfect pieces to use in your home.

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