Optimizing Bathroom Decor

by HFM Team on November 3, 2011

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most neglected areas of a house. Traditionally small-spaces, bathrooms are not known for being decor focal points. However, the lack of space is a positive from a redecorating view. With just a few simple steps, you can maximize the space and design statement, without enduring a hefty price tag. With a little creativity, the right color palette and a few hand-selected accents, your bathroom can easily become a beautiful interior space.

Wall Color

Since bathrooms are typically on the smaller side, it is best to avoid dark colors. Instead, expand the space by opting for a lighter hue with warm undertones, like a creamy ivory or a sunny yellow. Blend bathroom accessories, like shower curtains and hand towels, to complement the chosen wall-color. The effect will be comprehensive and calming. Stripes are an interesting way to effectively incorporate pattern into small areas. Specifically, broad, vertical stripes can help make a ceiling seem higher and a room seem larger.


Switch out old light fixtures for a combination of diffused and recessed lighting. To make a bathroom seem larger and more inviting, consider diffused bright lighting in the form of an overhead fixture. Apply recessed lighting to a small vanity fixture. The incorporation of multiple light sources will illuminate every crevice and give the room an inviting glow.


In a bathroom, mirrors are an essential. While they serve an obvious functional purpose, their reflective surface is also ideal for creating an illusion of spatial enlargement. For a small half-bath, keep it simple with a mirror over the sink, but incorporate an oversized ornate frame, which is a fantastic way to infuse style into this wonderfully functional accessory. In the case of larger, full-sized bathrooms, consider the placement of multiple mirrors. Add a full length mirror into the mix, preferably on a wall opposite your vanity mirror. The reflective pairing will result in added depth and visual interest.


Fixtures are one of the easiest ways to spruce up bathroom decor. From a shower head to drawer pulls, fixtures are simple to interchange. Although it’s not necessary for all of your fixtures to match, a common theme is recommended. For instance, if you choose chrome cabinet knobs, try to maintain that color-scheme throughout your other bathroom fixtures. However, painted or vintage fixtures do not require the same uniformity, and are often at their best when mixed and matched. If you opt for a vintage approach, ensure everything works properly before installation, this will save time and potentially costly repairs.


Functional and decorative, bathroom accents are a key aspect of a successful design scheme. In the case of shower curtains and towels, keep the wall color in mind. Ideally, they should complement each other. For instance, a lavender shower curtain would pair pleasantly with light yellow walls. Towels and bath mats can should coordinate with the shower curtain in some sense, with the aim of avoiding any distracting color clashes. To add a dash of drama, add a shiny copper tissue box or a brightly printed ceramic soap dispenser. These small accent pieces will be visually pleasing without being disruptive.

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