The Downsizing of Interiors: Tips for Making the Most of Small Spaces

by HFM Team on December 21, 2010

A lackluster economy has created a new trend in living with many people opting to downsize out of their large homes and properties, and taking stock in what is really important. For many of us, it’s simply a matter of reviewing our lifestyle and living with what we really want or need to be comfortable. Downsizing to a 900 to 2000 square foot house or condo is more appealing than ever to us.

Decorating a smaller home makes you re-consider storage, seating, and the use of space. Many rooms are now multi-tasking, with dining rooms moonlighting as studies, and family rooms used as extra bedrooms. It is important to re-think how you will be using these rooms so that the space is maximized. Built-ins that include enclosed storage and can double as serving pieces are great ideas for smaller rooms.

An interior designer can also help you with creative solutions. Perhaps a kitchen island can be transformed into a dining table with the help of an expandable top and removable legs. Attractive drawers under a bed create more accessible storage. A multi-function storage wall unit can house the TV, components, extra dishes or linens and books if necessary.

Smaller scaled furnishings will need to be considered as well. By visiting Hickory Furniture Mart you can discover many great solutions for smaller spaces. Because you may be trading in those larger scaled pieces for more functional items, consider the wonderful discounted furniture in North Carolina to fit your budget. Downsizing to a smaller space does not have to be a hindrance, but it does require a more thought out approach.

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